Urban Design Charette - Georgetown, Guyana 

Community Consortium organized, facilitated, and executed an urban design charette focusing on Georgetown, Guyana for Conservation International. Drawing various specialists from around the world as well as local stakeholders Community Consortium’s work in Georgetown contributed to the national tourism strategy for Guyana.


Working with World Wildlife Fund Guyana and the Guyana Protected Areas Commission, Community Consortium participated in a charette to compile conceptual and illustrative plans for the physical and economic development of Shell Beach - one of three protected areas in Guyana - with the goal of facilitating the effective management and development of the resource and its surrounding AmerIndian communities.

At 1,233 km2,  the Shell Beach Protected Area is located in northwest Guyana, bordering Venezuela and contains over 75 miles of beach and mudflats. The beaches serve as nesting grounds for four species of endangered marine turtles - the Leatherback, Hawksbill, Olive Ridley, and Green.